Saturday, July 31

Patient Eats the Alphabet (part two)

Patient and Abby explored Mr. Burton’s garden high and low, under bushes and around water spouts, looking for Patient’s next meal. Patient bumped into a big purple eggplant and devoured it quickly. Abby didn’t want any eggplant. She didn’t think it would taste like an omelet, and it didn’t look like anything the Easter Bunny left for her.

Eggplant starts with E.

Behind the eggplant was a giant fern, so Patient ate one stalk. Abby said people didn’t eat ferns. “You’re so silly, Patient. You’ll eat anything!”

Fern starts with F.

After eating the fern, Patient wanted something a little sweeter and thought Abby might too. Next to the banana squash was a gooseberry patch. They scurried to the gooseberry patch, where Patient ate four gooseberries. Abby likes berries and also enjoyed the gooseberries. She probably ate too many.

Gooseberry starts with G. “Oh, my stomach,” said Abby.

Patient needed another break. She’d never eaten this much in just one day. She wanted to see Mr. Burton’s flowers. But separating the berry patch from the flower garden was a large hedge. Patient ate a path through the hedge big enough for Abby and Patient to pass. Abby said, “Patient, you are a genius.”

Hedge starts with H.

story by Grandpa Larry

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