Sunday, July 11

Patient and Impatient

Patient the Snail was a very patient snail—except when her cousin Impatient the Slug came to visit.

Patient was patient when her friend Greed the Spider got greedy and grabbed all her toys. “It’s okay,” she said, “I’ll wait for my turn.”

Patient was patient when her friend Anger the Bee got angry and stung her. “It’s okay,” she said, “I’ll wait until you’re ready to play nicely.”

Patient was patient when her friend Forgetfulness the Caterpillar forgot her birthday. “It’s okay,” she said, “I’ll wait until you remember.”

But when her cousin Impatient tapped her tail impatiently and insisted that Patient hurryuphurryuphurryup, Patient got very impatient. “I’m GOING as FAST as I CAN!!!” she yelled.

Greed looked up from Patient’s toys and stared, wide-eyed.

Anger looked up from the stuffed animal she’d been stinging and stared, her mouth hanging open.

Forgetfulness looked up and forgot what he’d been doing.

“WHAT?” Patient demanded of her staring friends.

“C’mon c’mon c’mon,” insisted Impatient.

Patient huffed and puffed and scooted after her cousin as quickly as she could scoot. After she left, her friends got together and made a plan.

The next day at playtime, Greed gave Patient some of his toys. “Today it’s your turn,” he said.

Anger gave Patient a big hug. “I’m ready to play nicely,” she said.

Forgetfulness gave Patient a card. “Happy belated birthday,” he said.

Patient smiled. When Impatient decided it was time to go and insisted, “Let’s go let’s go let’s go,” Patient was still smiling.

“It’s okay,” she said as she followed her cousin, scooting along at her own pace. “I’ll wait until you learn to be more patient.”

story by Ben Christensen

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