Friday, July 30

Patient Eats the Alphabet (part one)

Patient the snail was small. But, she wanted to grow and she was very smart. She even knew the alphabet.

One morning when she was playing with her best friend Abby, she had a fabulous idea—she could teach Abby the alphabet by eating one thing for each letter of the alphabet. Maybe that would also help her grow.


Patient lived in Mr. Burton’s yard. He had a big vegetable garden, some fruit and ornamental trees, and lots of flowers. Patient told Abby that if they looked hard enough they could find something Patient could eat in Mr. Burton’s yard that started with each letter of the alphabet

Patient started along the ditch bank where she knew Mr. Burton grew some asparagus. She ate two stalks.

Asparagus starts with A, she told Abby. Abby said “A.”

Patient asked Abby if she was from Canada. Abby said “huh?”
“Never mind,” said Patient.

Patient next ate a large banana squash. She offered Abby a bite, but Abby said it didn’t look like a banana. She also thought it may taste better if it were cooked. “Yuck,” said Abby.

Banana squash starts with B.

As she finished the banana squash, Patient saw a beautiful cucumber and ate it, leaving just one bite for Abby. Abby really liked the cucumber, with a little salt. “Maybe my mommy will let me eat more of one,” Abby thought.

Cucumber starts with C.

“See,” said Abby, “I do like some things.“

After eating the cucumber, Patient needed a break. She took a nap. Abby took a nap with her. When they awoke they strolled to the other side of the yard and passed several dandelions. Patient ate two. Abby said “No thanks, my dad said those are weeds.”
“Yes they are,” said Patient, “but awfully tasty weeds.”

Dandelion starts with D.

This, and the rest of the coming alphabet, brought to you by Larry Jenkins (aka, Grandpa) 


  1. What an amazing Grandpa! I can't wait for the rest of the story! How many days is this one going to take? Love it!