Wednesday, July 7

Patient Meets Slime

One day Patient the snail was very lonely. She decided to go for a walk and find some friends to play with.

Her first stop was the neighborhood playground. She looked around and there was not a friend in sight. She looked down to see a rock. She thought maybe that would be fun to play with. She threw the rock but soon realized throwing rocks wasn't that fun because she couldn't find them in the grass. So she moved on.

Patient soon came upon a pile of dirt and thought it would be fun to play in it. As she began digging through the dirt she found a slimy little character. It was a worm!!! Gross!!

The worm smiled at Patient and asked her name. The snail said, "My name is Patient. What's yours?"

The worm said, "My name is Slime."

The two quickly became friends and decided to play together. They began walking down the street and came upon some flowers. Patient thought it would be great fun to eat some leaves and leave a little slime laying around. Slime quickly got bored when he realized he couldn't eat the leaves so well. So they moved on.

They came upon a small little pond which was actually just a puddle of water on the sidewalk. They were both so excited to spend some time in the water! The worm immediately jumped in and started swimming laps back and forth while the snail watched from the beach.

Patient was getting a little sunburned so they decided to move on. Patient and Slime decided they were hungry and needed some refreshing ice cream to eat. As they were walking they noticed some ice cream on the ground. It was their lucky day!! They ate ice cream until they were sick to their stomachs.

After eating so much it was time for a nap so they laid under a tree in the shade for a little siesta. When nap time was over they realized it was getting dark and they should go back home. So Slime went back to his dirt pile and Patient went back to her weed patch.

As Patient was getting ready for bed she realized what a fun day she had with her new friend Slime and that she was not lonely anymore. She couldn't wait until the next day for more new adventures with Slime!

story by Lisa Donnelson


  1. So funny Lisa! Thanks for your awesome story. This has been so fun for Abby.

  2. I loved this story! I'll bet Brigg gets to hear lots of fun stories from his Mommy!