Wednesday, July 28

Patient and the Pink Cupcake

Patient likes to wake up as soon as the sun peaks over the morning hill. Zip-zip-zoom! She starts her engine and zips around the room, getting dressed and  racing outside to meet the glorious day. 

I wonder what adventures I’ll have today!  She thought as she dashed out the door without her jacket. When she got outside into the fresh morning air, she saw a beautiful pink glow off in the distance. Patient loved anything pink. What could it be? It’s beautiful!

She zip-zip-zoomed toward the pink light, and when she got closer, she saw a sparkling sign over a window. “Tink’s Pink Bakery,” she said, reading the sign out loud. Wow. She zoomed up to the window, where she found a perfectly snail-shaped opening. This must mean I can go in!

The smell of vanilla and cinnamon-spice filled the air. Every shelf on every wall was stacked with purple cakes, red licorice, yellow-frosted sugar cookies, and gingerbread men in formal frosting-wear.  But all of that paled when Patient finally saw where the pink glow was coming from.

It was there, on a table in the center of the room – a pink cupcake, with cherry blossom frosting and pink sugaring dust.  Patient couldn’t take her eyes away. She inched closer, she could smell the sweet frosting. If only she could just taste the tiniest crumb!  I’ll just get a little bit closer, she thought, when she saw a note tucked gently next to the cupcake.  It has my name on it! What could it say?

Dear Patient,
This cupcake was made especially for you. You are a lovely little snail.
Tink the Baker

Patient carefully folded the note into her pocket, and with a zip-zip-zip -zoom, she dove headfirst in to the pink butter cream frosting.

The End

Story by Kristen Eliason

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