Monday, July 5

Patient's Shell

One morning Patient woke up very early. "I can get dressed all by myself!" she thought.

Patient went to the big closet where all the shells were kept and looked for one to wear.

Patient picked a pretty shell with red swirls--but she couldn't get in it.
She wiggled and squirmed until WHOOSH! she fell in! But then she couldn't get out!

Patient wiggled and squirmed again, until POP! she was out. She shook her head, "That was too hard," and looked for another shell.

Patient put on a fuzzy shell next, but it was inside out.

Patient tried a black and red shell, but it smelled funny. She put it back in the closet.

Next, Patient tried a green shell. . . but her little sister was already inside!

Patient's dad had a bright yellow shell, but it was too big for Patient.

Patient tried a blue shell, but it was too little.

"Oh no," thought Patient, "What if I never find a shell to wear?"

Patient was sad until she heard her mommy calling. "Patient! I have your favorite shell to wear! Come get dressed."

Patient zipped over, fast as flash, and crawled in to her perfect pink shell.

"Look!" said Patient. "I got dressed all by myself! Well. . . almost."

Close enough.

The End.

story and illustrations by Charity Morgan


  1. Absolutely love your pics Charity. Abby does too. We've read the story over and over!