Monday, July 19

A Story at a Snail's Pace

Once upon a time, there was a snail name Patient. She lived under a big green leaf in the garden. Her mother and father and so many brothers and sisters you could not count lived there, too. It was shady and mud-licious under the leaf. If you slimed a wee bit to the right, you could munch on tasty red strawberries. Just to the left, yummy tomatoes hung on the vine. If she tried very hard, Patient could climb high and slurp on tomato juice all day long.

But Patient was not happy. She was so tired of being Patient. The birds could fly. The spiders could spin a web. The dogs could bark. And Abby, the little girl who lived in the house with the garden, could dance and sing and run. Patient wanted to play!

We all know that snails do not have legs. They do not make any noise. They hide in rocks and when you are not looking, they gobble up the pumpkin patch and the petunias. They are really rather a nuisance.

One day, Abby skipped excitedly to the garden. She found Patient the snail eating one of her mother's prize zucchinis. Patient's antennae were flicking and her eyes were searching. And Patient spied something wonderful. The little girl with blue eyes and sparkly shoes had come to visit! Abby scooped Patient up and held her carefully in her hands. Oh, and soon, Patient was running and dancing! Abby showed Patient her scooter. She showed Patient her new baby sister, Claire. Abby remembered that her mommy was baking cookies. Abby hurried into the house and snatched two--one for her and one for Patient. Then they sat in the grass and ate together. Abby discovered that she liked sharing. And Patient decided that chocolate chips were quite delicious.

Soon Abby's mommy called her in for lunch. Carefully, she placed Patient back in the garden under the shady leaf. Their adventure was over for the day. Patient had seen and done things she had never done before! Most of all, she had found a new friend. Being patient was wonderful. Patient would wait for tomorrow. More tasty strawberries. And, perhaps, Abby would come again.

story by Stephanie Ransom


  1. Loved your story Snef...not as much as I love you! Especially like the mudlicious spot under the leaf. So fun.

  2. Your grandchildren are lucky to have such a splendiferous story teller of their own!