Saturday, July 3

Patient and Abby

Once there was a snail named Patient...

But, I’m sorry to say, she wasn’t very patient!

Patient loved to run, not walk.

Shout, not whisper.

And splash—not float!

“I’m having such fun!” Patient shouted. And she was.

Then one day Patient cracked her shell. She had to stay inside all day and be very still.

“I’m not having ANY fun,” Patient cried.

But then she met a friend named Abby—and this is what they found…

ONE chatty dolphin!
(Can Abby say “Hello” like a dolphin?)

TWO silly kazoos! (Can Abby hum like a kazoo?)

THREE pretty fairies! (Can Abby twinkle like a fairy?)

FOUR gentle centaurs! (Can Abby whisper like a centaur?)

FIVE jivin’ beehives! (Can Abby buzz like a bee?)

SIX magic broomsticks! (Can Abby say “Fun” like a broom?)

SEVEN flying dragons! (Can Abby wink like a dragon?)

EIGHT secret gates! (Can Abby knock on a gate?)

NINE fabulous felines! (Can Abby say “I love you” like a kitten?)

TEN lucky hens! (Can Abby snuggle like a hen?)

With Abby and all their new friends by her side, Patient the Snail felt much more patient!


story by Amy Scott


  1. Four gentle centaurs. AWESOME.

  2. Abby loves all the activities for her to do with each number! So creative.