Thursday, July 22

a poem for Patient

A Snail named Patient-- now that is quite funny
does she have her name on her round little tummy?
I will bet a cute little girl named Abby
gave her that name
When she and Aunt Sarah were playing a game;

But, a Snail named Patient is very sweet
and I bet she is really good enough to eat-ick!!!

So sweet Abby girl, do you have any other names
for the cute little critters in your games?

I bet you can think up some names for a lot more
and I bet it will help to make you not so sore;
I think when you smile and play your game
you will think of another funny name;

Patient, the Snail, is only the start
a sweet girl like you--being so smart
can give the little old Snail another friend from your Heart!!!!

Get better soon sweet little Abby girl--
Love, Marianne Lawrence (my little granddaughter is named Abbey too)

1 comment:

  1. What a sweet poem and idea Marianne. Abby does think every time she sees a snail its name is patient...time to give Patient some friends.