Tuesday, July 13

A Day with Luke the Lion

Patient woke up with a frown on her face. She wasn’t feeling very happy this morning, but she slipped out of bed anyways. She hoped something good would come of this day.

First, she went to take a fresh of breath air, when out slithered Mr. Snake. What a big snake! she thought. She wasn’t sure if he was kind or mean. Patient was brave and said, “Hi, Snake!” To which Mr. Snake gave her a sly nod and snuck off the other way. Hmm! I wonder what he is up to? So Patient decided to start following him.

Mr. Snake was much faster than she was. Patient couldn’t keep up! She zip-zip-zipped until suddenly, BAM! She ran right into a big, furry brown stump.

“ROOOOAR! I am Luke the Lion! I am a big lion not a little lion.”

Patient had never encountered a creature like this before. He looked like her friend Abby, but had strange clothing on.

“Will you play with me?” asked the lion.

Patient was unsure. In the distance she could see a pink lion running towards them. As she got closer, Patient realized it was her friend Abby!

“I’m a pink lion!” squealed Abby. “You should play with us, Patient. You can be a little lion!”

So Abby and Luke made a little lion shell for Patient to wear. They roared and crawled and did all the things that lions do. They shared toys and played on the rocks. It was a good day.

When Patient went back to her bed of leaves, she fell asleep thinking, “Today was a good day after all.”

story by Luke Larrabee (adapted/edited by his mom Kristen)

(The original: Abby got hurt. Meets big snake. “Hi, Snake!” Then a lion. ROOOAR. Luke the lion. Wants to play with Abby. They pretend they are two lions. A little lion comes. Say “Hi, Lions!” at Abby’s house. They talk. The little lion talks not the big lion. Pink lion. Share toys. Downstairs.”)

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