Friday, July 9

Patient and the Lawnmower

Patient the snail had a lawnmower. She was mowing her lawn and she accidentally broke her lawnmower. It started going crazy! The sound it made was “brah-brah-brah-brah-brah!” The lawnmower mowed over Patient’s shell and made a hole in it!

Patient felt very sad. Then she had a good idea. She would fill the hole with glass! At the glass store she found a piece of pink glass. When she put it in the hole it looked all fixed. Now she had a window! When she woke up in the morning, she could look out and see the pink flowers or know if it was raining before she put her head out of her shell.

Then she decided to get a lollypop.

Then she had jello.

Then she had supper with mashed potatoes and chicken and gravy.

The end

story by Cecily Dyer

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  1. I am in love with this story. Brilliant, brilliant ending.