Monday, July 26

Roger to the Rescue!

Once upon a sunny autumn day in the Woodland Woods, yellow, orange, red and brown leaves were falling gently to the ground.

On the ground was a path on which walked two friends on their way to school. One was a snail named Patient, and the other was a badger named Roger.

“Try and catch one of the falling leaves, Patient!” said Roger as he jumped into the air after a large, red leaf.

So the two friends hopped, leaped, and jumped their way to school.

But then, suddenly, an acorn fell right out of a tree and hit Patient on the head!

Roger cried out, “Patient, Patient! Are you okay?” Patient didn’t answer. Roger thought fast. “I know, the Nurse! I’ll go get the school Nurse!”

Roger turned and began running as fast as his short badger legs would carry him. He reached the school house and ran quickly down the hallway to the school Nurse’s office.

Roger burst through the door, and cried out, “Patient is in trouble! Please come quick, Miss Nurse!” The Nurse, who was a duck, turned toward Roger and quacked out, “Patient is in trouble? Lead me to her, quick!”

So Roger did, and raced back to where Patient lay on the Woodland path. At once, Miss Nurse began checking Patient, seeing where she was hurt. “We were walking to school and catching leaves when an acorn fell on Patient’s head!” explained Roger.

Miss Nurse nodded and quacked, “She’ll be fine once she wakes up. Although she may have a little bump on her head.”

So together they waited until Patient woke up. It didn’t take too long, and soon she opened her eyes and said sleepily, “Don’t let those acorns fall on your head. They kind of hurt!”


story by Lindsey Fisher

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