Friday, July 23

Patient's Birthday Party

Patient the snail was having a birthday party! She invited all of her friends.

The duck waddled in with one big birthday cake.

The zebra brought two pink balloons.

The snake slithered in with three yummy lollipops.

The horse galloped by with four silver whistles.

The tiger came with five pieces of candy.

The flamingo brought six pink ribbons.

The mouse crept in with seven magic wands.

The elephant brought eight salty peanuts.

The frog hopped in with nine shining stars.

And the turtle brought ten party hats for everyone to wear.

Patient was so excited to see all of the birthday surprises.

One big birthday cake, two pink balloons, three yummy lollipops, four silver whistles, five pieces of candy, six pink ribbons, seven magic wands, eight salty peanuts, nine shining stars, and ten party hats for everyone to wear.

Patient danced and sang with all her friends. It was the best birthday party ever.

story by Tamry Juntunen


  1. If only I could emphasize how perfect this story was for Abby. She's quite certain every day is her birthday and she's struggling to wait four more weeks to celebrate her actual birthday. Yay for birthday stories.

  2. .

    This is Large S's favorite story as well. This one and the baseball one.