Monday, August 2

Patient Eats the Alphabet (part three)

Patient and Abby took their time in the flower patch looking at all of the beautiful flowers. Patient’s favorite flower was a tall pink iris. Patient liked it so much she ate it too. Abby said she wanted to take an iris home to her mommy. It smelled pretty, but Abby didn’t think it would taste very good.

Iris starts with I.

Abby suggested they try something that people eat. Next to Mr. Burton’s house were some jalapeno pepper plants. Patient told Abby that people eat jalapenos, but Patient didn’t know they were hot. Patient and Abby each took a small nibble, and Abby ran quickly for a drink. “Whoa, that’s hot,” said Abby.

Jalapeno starts with J.

After strolling through the flower patch more, Patient climbed back on top of the hedge to see what she could see. Patient saw a kumquat tree. She’d never eaten a kumquat before. She ate one and liked it a lot. Abby just watched and giggled. “Kumquat is a funny word,” Abby said.

Kumquat starts with K.

Patient washed the kumquat down by eating a leaf from the kumquat tree. Abby didn’t want to eat a leaf, but took one home to show her papa bear and to ask if she could start a leaf collection.

Leaf starts with L.

Abby saw that next to the kumquat tree was a beautiful magnolia tree with hundreds of blossoms. They were so beautiful! Patient agreed that they were beautiful and decided to see if they tasted as good as they looked.

Magnolia starts with M.

story by Grandpa Larry

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