Tuesday, August 3

Patient Eats the Alphabet (part four)

After enjoying the magnolia tree, Abby and Patient swung over to the nectarine tree in Mr. Burton’s small orchard. My, those nectarines were big and juicy. Patient could only eat part of one. Abby helped Patient finish the nectarine. She thought it was really good and told Patient she needed to remember to tell her Mommy how good it was.

Nectarine starts with N.

Patient and Abby then climbed down to the ground, where Patient stumbled across some green onion. She took just a small bite before she realized eating onion would make her cry. Abby didn’t want to cry, so she didn’t eat any onion. And, boy did it smell strong. “Pew,” said Abby. “I don’t like onion.”

Onion starts with O.

Hoping to get the taste of the onion out of her mouth, Patient asked Abby to grab a pod of peas, which Patient ate quickly.

Pea starts with P, and sounds like it too.

With the onion taste finally gone from her mouth, Patient and Abby raced to the rhubarb patch, but they got hung up in some quack grass that was growing between the rows. Patient ate some of it to help Mr. Burton with his weeding. Abby also helped by pulling some, but she didn’t eat any quack grass. “That’s for ducks,” said Abby. Patient said “quack.”

Quack grass starts with Q.

After making their way through the quack grass, Patient saw the giant rhubarb patch. It had such large leaves. Patient ate a whole stalk of rhubarb. Abby cut some rhubarb so her mommy could make a rhubarb pie for Grandma Great.

Rhubarb starts with R.

Patient said it was time again for a treat. Patient saw a big juicy strawberry growing along the side of the garden. She ate it, stem and all. Abby picked and ate three strawberries, and then she picked some for her mommy to go in the rhubarb pie.

Strawberry starts with S.

Around the corner from the strawberry patch was a tomato plant where big tomatoes were growing. Patient and Abby both tried a bite of a large red tomato. Patient really liked it. Abby said it was okay, but she didn’t want another bite. Abby thought it might taste better on a hamburger. “Let’s go to McDonald’s,” said Abby, just teasing Patient. “Or a French restaurant for escargot.”

Tomato starts with T.

story by Grandpa Larry

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