Wednesday, August 4

Patient Eats the Alphabet (part five)

Abby was beginning to get hot. Patient spied an umbrella tree where she and Abby could get some shade. They laid down under the tree for a rest and Patient couldn’t help but take a bite. Abby giggled again. “You are so funny,” she told Patient.

Umbrella tree starts with U.

Growing down through the umbrella tree were some vines that Patient wanted to swing on. Abby was too big to swing on the vines, so she helped Patient swing for a minute then Patient ate her way through the vine so she could get down.

Vine starts with V.

Patient landed in Abby’s lap with a “kerplop,” where Abby was sitting on a big green watermelon. Patient could hardly believe her luck, and Abby could not wait to dig into the watermelon. Abby remembered how juicy watermelons are. They cut off the end and each took a big piece of watermelon. “Better take the rest home for my papa bear,” said Abby.

Watermelon starts with W.

Patient and Abby then criss-crossed the garden, back and forth, up and down, trying to find something that started with X. After a long time, Patient remembered that many of the plants she had already eaten had  xylem.

Xylem starts with X. Abby giggled at the sound of “Xylem.” She said it over and over again.

While traversing the garden looking for a plant starting with X, Patient had noticed a yucca plant growing on Mr. Burton’s deck. It was very nice looking. She asked Abby to carry her up on the deck so she could get a nibble from the yucca plant. She only took one bite.

Yucca plant starts with Y. But“Yucca sounds like yuck!” Abby said. “That’s so silly!”

Patient had made it through the entire alphabet except for the letter Z. But, Mr. Burton did not have any zinnias or zucchini in his garden. Patient didn’t know what to do. She could not find a Z plant.

Just then, Abby’s mom came to get her and brought Mr. Burton a grocery bag full of zucchini to eat. Abby dropped Patient into the bag and Patient ate zucchini until she was so full she thought she’d explode. Abby had some too. She asked her mommy if they could make a zucchini chocolate cake. “Of course,” said Mommy. “Yum,” said Abby.

Zucchini starts with Z.

Abby picked Patient up out of the bag of zucchini. They couldn’t believe how lucky they were to have found something beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Patient was happy, and Abby giggled again. After that day in Mr. Burton’s yard, Abby could say her ABCs all the way through without stopping because she remembered that Patient had eaten the alphabet. She could remember each thing Patient had eaten. Even the nasty tasting things.

story by Abby's Grandpa (Larry Jenkins)

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  1. I love this story and all the great pictures. What a cool Grandpa you have Abby!