Friday, August 6

A Snail Named Patient Goes to the Baseball Game

I took my friend, Patient the Snail, to a baseball game with me. Just the two of us guys going to pass some old fashioned baseball time. At a big stadium, with lots of people and rows and rows of blue seats.

Patient wanted some nachos, so we got some nachos and then headed down to our seats. We had great seats, right behind first base, and the field looked so green. I told Patient that I wanted to jump the little fence and run on the field. I told him I wanted to skip through the green outfield and then slide around on the dirt of the infield. I told him I wanted to feel the hot damp grass on my cheek and smell the heavy grass smell. I told him I wanted so slide so hard on the coarse dirt that it got all the way into my shoes. I could hardly stand it just sitting there when so many beautiful fun things were just waiting for me if I ran onto the field.

But my good buddy Patient the Snail, as all good buddies often do, gave me some good advice. He sat munching on his nachos and he told me that sometimes it just isn’t your turn to slide on dirt and run around on rich green grass. He told me that, in those times, its just as much fun to munch on some quality nachos with a friend and watch people slide on dirt and run on grass.

And you know what, he was right. We sat there the entire game. We munched on our nachos and even ordered cool lemonade that a nice man brought right to our seat. I was totally happy sitting there in the shade with my good friend Patient. Once even a baseball player ran and dove for a ball in the green outfield grass. He caught the ball and then, before he got up, I saw him stick his face in the grass and take a big whiff of the heavy grass smell, just like I would have done.

story by Aaron Allen

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